The Impact Of Winter Weather On Asphalt

The Impact Of Winter Weather On Asphalt

It is a good idea to show your driveway and walkway the attention they need before the snowy months set in.

Winter is just a couple of weeks away, and this is an exciting time of the year. As you prepare for the holiday festivities, it is a good idea to show your driveway and walkway the attention they need before the snowy months set in. This is where many home and property owners go wrong. Did you know that your property’s asphalt can be affected by cold winter weather? It is important to realize that the durability of asphalt and concrete will depend on the climate of the area. Temperature and humidity affect roads in a big way. Be sure to take the proper steps to care for your asphalt now can ensure that it survives long into the future! Here is what you should know about the impact of winter weather on asphalt and steps you can take.

Impacts of Freeze and Thaw

Asphalt is a mixture of petroleum and various aggregates (sand, stone, gravel). When wintry precipitation settles within existing cracks, it will thaw, refreeze and then expand, resulting in damage to the asphalt. The asphalt may then become brittle when the the mixture freezes. This will ultimately lead to bigger cracking or possible potholes which will need repaired.

Repair Cracks

The most obvious step you can take is to professionally patch any existing cracks or holes in the asphalt. This will help to prevent future damage to the surface. These cracks could be from past winters and were neglected.  Most minor cracks can be patched with a crack-filler. This product can also be used on cement as well.

Resurface the Area

Instead of patching any cracks, it may be best to resurface the damaged area instead. Many people will argue that it is worth the investment because it is the most effective way to prevent future cracking. Also, it also makes the surface appear to be new. This simple step will instantly make a noticeable difference in the quality of the surface for driving, walking, or other uses.


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