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asphalt technician

An asphalt lab technician works with others to achieve the best asphalt mixes, and thus, the most reliable roads.

Welcome back to our “So You Want to Be a…” series that explores different exciting careers in the construction industry! If you’re wondering what it’s like to work in the construction industry, then keep checking back for more blogs! You can also read our blogs on Why to Choose a Career in the Construction Industry and The Community Impact of Construction. Ready to apply? Check out our available positions! This week, we’ll be exploring what is required to become an asphalt technician.

Paving the Way to a Career as an Asphalt Technician

Do you love the smell of fresh asphalt in the morning? Then you would probably enjoy a job as an asphalt technician! As an asphalt technician, it is your responsibility to design and test asphalt aggregates and mixtures. The asphalt you create is used on roads and highways, so it must be able to stand up to seasonal temperatures and the constant wear and tear of traffic. Asphalt technicians can work in the field or in a lab. As a field technician, you’ll monitor and test the compaction of hot mix asphalt, write reports, and operate with a thorough understanding of local laws. As a lab technician, you’ll work in a clean lab environment to sample and test asphalt mixtures and design the best asphalt mixes possible.


An asphalt laboratory technician receives almost all of their training on the job. Similar to an apprenticeship, the new technician will have to follow an experienced technician for several months to years. Once the new tech has received enough training, they will be able to take a MARTCP certification Class through an SHA training program. Once the technician has completed all of the MARTCP certifications applicable to their field then they may attempt to attain certifications from a national authority likeAsphalt Institute  orNICET. Achieving the highest NICET certification is similar to becoming a certified engineer. As an Asphalt laboratory Technician, you will learn a range of skills related to asphalt mixing and testing, including aggregate sampling and batching, testing aggregate properties, mixing, short-term aging, compaction, and testing of both loose and compacted asphalt mixtures. You will also learn techniques to test asphalt accurately and repeat positive results consistently. This lab training will provide you with the relevant skills to use relevant lab equipment and processes on the job. Your goal is to create the most durable, long-lasting asphalt for use in road paving projects. Asthe asphalt industry grows and adapts to new challenges, the Technician will have to change and adapt to new processes and techniques to ensure that the quality of asphalt will be held to the highest standards. Kaufen sie buntmetalle on link on the website of the company Electrovek steel.


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