So You Want to Be a Diesel Mechanic


diesel mechanic

A diesel mechanic has the skills and expertise to diagnose and fix a wide range of problems with larger vehicles.

This is our first blog in our new “So You Want to Be a…” series that explores different exciting careers in the construction industry. If you’re wondering what it’s like to work in the construction industry, then keep checking back for more blogs! You can also read our blogs on Why to Choose a Career in the Construction Industry and The Community Impact of Construction. Ready to apply? Check out our available positions! This week, we’ll be exploring the road to becoming a diesel mechanic.

Opportunities for Diesel Mechanics

Do you love repairing cars and especially bigger vehicles? If so, then you’ve got what it takes to become a diesel mechanic! A passion for repairing vehicles is at the heart of this job, and all it takes is a little learning and experience to build yourself a career in it.


This career is promising, since the Bureau of Labor Statistic projects 35,000 new job openings by 2020. Most companies will require that you are at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. Some community colleges or vocational schools allow students to enter a diesel engineering program while earning an equivalency degree. You can also choose to pursue formal training by taking classes at a local community college. These programs are taught by qualified diesel mechanic instructors and generally take between six months to two years.

If you have not done one of these formal programs, you can choose to pursue informal training, as not all companies require a degree or certification in diesel mechanics. This involves getting a job at a garage where you will slowly be given more difficult tasks as you learn the trade. However, it can be difficult to find a garage that is willing to hire an untrained mechanic. If you do get hired at a garage willing to train you, the process will likely take longer than formal training, as you will have other daily responsibilities to attend to. So, pursuing formal education may be a better route for those who have the option.

Specialization and Certification

To really boost your skills and hireability, consider specializing in a certain area of diesel mechanics, such as light-duty diesel mechanics or high-performance powertrain service. Having a specialization can help you stand out from other candidates when applying to certain positions. Similarly, you can make yourself stand out by getting a certification. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers special certifications for different classes of trucks, equipment, and buses. An ASE certification is highly respected and guaranteed to boost your resume and get you your dream job! short distance movers


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