Signs That Your Parking Lot Needs Maintenance


cracked parking lot asphalt

If your parking lot develops cracks, they can be fixed by patching or filling.

Winter puts a lot of wear and tear on parking lots. And all parking lots suffer damage over time. An old or damaged parking lot does not present a good public image and can leave your clients feeling angry or upset. If you notice any of the following signs, you may want to consider repaving your parking lot.


Asphalt deterioration creates cracks along the surface of pavement. This is one of the first and most common signs of age and wear on asphalt. These cracks are caused by direct exposure to sunlight, moisture, and lack of proper drainage. Depending on the extent of the damage, cracks can be repaired by patching, filling, and other surface treatments.


Potholes are another common form of asphalt damage and are among the most dangerous forms of asphalt damage. Potholes in your parking lot can inconvenience clients and contribute to a poor curb appeal. Potholes are commonly formed by water accumulation in the soil underneath the asphalt. When the soil becomes soft underneath the asphalt and pressure from passing cars is applied to the top of the asphalt, a pothole is formed. Potholes can be repaired by partial, full-depth, or injection patching.

Oil Spots

Oil spots are the dark, greasy spots left on pavement from parked cars that are leaking oil. When absorbed by the asphalt, they can mix with the binding elements of the asphalt and cause them to lose their adhesive properties. This effect can be prevented by coating your asphalt with a sealant.

Grass Growth

If your parking lot has a weak base and poor drainage, cracks may form that allow grass to grow through your pavement. Usually, this growth will happen around the edges of the pavement. To prevent grass growth, keep vegetation away from the edges, implement a better drainage system, and seal cracks.


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