How to Prepare For Spring Showers at Construction Sites

How to Prepare For Spring Showers at Construction Sites

Construction workers need be mindful of all weather conditions.

Believe it or not, spring is almost here! We have survived the winter weather, and we should hopefully see a spike in temperature over the upcoming weeks. Many construction projects begin this time of year because the working conditions tend to be favorable. Although the weather can be beautiful in the springtime, it is always important to take precaution for all possible weather conditions. Spring rainstorms can come out of nowhere and create hazardous conditions at a moments notice. However, there are several ways construction workers can stay safe when spring showers are finally upon us! Here are a few safety tips that every construction worker should know.

Wear Protective Clothes and Gear

There are times where construction workers have to work in the rain. Sometimes, it is unavoidable when a project needs to completed by a specific date. To stay safe in wet conditions, a construction worker needs to wear protective clothing and gear. Protective clothes such as raincoats are a necessity. They should be highly visible as well so they can still be easily spotted in all inclement weather conditions. Also, workers should also have access to waterproof shoes/boots with heavy treads that provide superior traction.

Watch Out For Slippery Surfaces

Stagnant pools of water can be a recipe for disaster at a construction site. However, sometimes it is not always possible to wait for a construction site to completely dry out to begin working again. Whenever there is water present on any surface, you need to be especially careful. Any moisture drastically increases the chances for slips and falls.

Be Mindful of Lightning

In some cases, thunderstorms can bring lightning. If you work in construction, it is important to realize that lighting is significantly more likely to strike a location if there is metal present. A construction site usually contains all sorts of metal options such as tools, building materials, and heavy machinery. Whenever lightning strikes, you need to always plan for the worst.


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