The Impacts Of Applying Salt On Asphalt Pavement

The Impacts Of Applying Salt On Asphalt Pavement

Salt is commonly used to treat asphalt pavement during the winter season.

The weather in Maryland can be somewhat unpredictable. It can change drastically overnight and leaves residents feeling perplexed. However, most Marylanders are aware that snowy and icy conditions are to be expected over the next few months. Salt is commonly used to treat asphalt pavement during the winter season; however, many people are unaware of the impacts of throwing salt on these surfaces. Here are some notable facts to note about applying salt to asphalt pavement.

Environmental Impacts

Reliable Contracting has an environmental commitment. In addition to satisfying our customers, we are always concerned about our impact on the environment. We want everyone to be aware that salt can affect the environment. Salt will contaminate water runoff, which will affect local waterways, animals, and plants. Although salt can be a useful tool to address icy conditions, it should be used sparingly. It is crucial that any snow should be removed before applying it to the surface. Also, it is important to note that there are salt mixes that also contain sand, which is a better option for the environment.

Salt Does Not Deteriorate Asphalt

It is a common misconception that salt deteriorates asphalt. As long as your asphalt surface is installed correctly, the salt will not have an impact on the surface. Hot-mix asphalt is created to be able to hold up to freezing and icy conditions. Other unsealed materials, such as concrete or brick pavement, can be affected by salt application. This is because salt will break down the bonds that keep these materials together and they also freeze faster. For this reason, these materials can require more salt.

Salt Will Not Lead To The Formation Of Potholes

If you are concerned that salt will cause potholes on your property, don’t be! Salt will not cause potholes to form on asphalt surfaces. Potholes are formed from water getting into the ground underneath the surface. As the water expands/contracts, the gravel base becomes compromised, and the weight of vehicles is what usually leads to the formation of potholes.


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