How Green Construction Is Transforming The Industry

How Green Construction Is Transforming The Industry

Reliable Contracting always keeps the environment in mind with any project!

It is our responsibility as human beings to preserve and protect the environment. The construction industry grows with technology, and we continue to see improvements in regards to green construction every single year. There are numerous benefits of green construction from both an environmental and economic standpoint. Unfortunately, most people know very little about green construction and therefore do not fully appreciate its significance in the world today.

We are happy to say that green construction practices are growing in popularity in the United States and many different parts of the world. Keep reading to learn more green construction and how it is shaping the industry for the better!

The Goal Of Green Construction

The main goal of green construction is to reduce the harmful impact that new construction (ex: a building) has on the environment by utilizing eco-friendly practices. An example of such is energy efficiency.

Common Green Construction Practices

Many green construction practices have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. Not only do many of these practices an effective means of conserving energy, but they also translate to monetary savings as well. Here are some of the most green-friendly construction practices available to builders today:

-Using sustainable building materials (Ex: recycled glass, steel, asphalt)

-Using energy-efficient doors and windows

-Using renewable energy for powering buildings (Ex: commercial solar panels)

-Utilizing natural light whenever possible

-Using lower volatile organic compounds paints

-Stormwater management

-Water purification systems

The Benefits Of Green Building

There are several benefits of eco-friendly construction for both a building and its occupants. In addition to reducing the environmental impact, many benefits of green construction include:

-Lower energy costs

-Healthier employees in green buildings

-Attracts employees and customers

-Better business image

-Typically better resale value in green buildings

Reliable’s Green Commitment

By using eco-friendly construction practices, you can ensure that a space is healthy, safe, and comfortable. We are happy to say that Reliable Contracting Inc. has an environmental commitment. We are always concerned about our companies impact on the environment whenever we complete a projects.


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