How Concrete Curbs Are Made

How Concrete Curbs Are Made

How are concrete curbs made? Reliable Contracting knows!

Reliable Contracting specializes in many aspects of road construction and maintenance; asphalt is a large part of what we do. There’s more to roads than asphalt, though. Concrete curbs create the necessary boundary to direct stormwater runoff and divide roads from sidewalks, median strips, etc. Ever wonder how concrete curbs are made? Here’s what happens.

How Concrete Curbs Are Made

Subgrade Installation

The first step is to prepare the ground. Utilities might lie beneath the sidewalk and curb, such as water, sewer, and electrical lines. All of these utilities need to be in place before installing the new curb, plus the subgrade that goes above the utilities. The subgrade will keep the concrete pavement from shifting; it usually goes down at the same time as the subgrade for the asphalt road.

Curb Installation

Curb Forms

There are two ways to install concrete curbs today other than applying and forming by hand. In some projects, a curb form made of wood, metal, or another material will be the mold to which poured concrete adheres. 

Slipform Curb Equipment

The second type is called slipform curb equipment or a curb machine, a type of industrial truck. A professional slowly drives the truck alongside the place where the curb will go. At the same time, the extended curb machine extrudes wet concrete and molds it into the desired shape at the same time. 

Reliable’s Concrete and Asphalt Services

Reliable Contracting can take on every part of your road construction project. We install utilities, concrete structures, and of course the asphalt. Therefore, there is not one part of the process you have to outsource to a second or third contractor, keeping it as simple as possible. 

Reliable was the first contractor in the Baltimore area to offer curb construction services using an extruded curb machine. Today, we use state-of-the-art equipment in creating concrete curbs, sidewalks, gutters, aprons, and dumpster pads. You can also rely on us to use the appropriate type of concrete for each project. Are you ready to contact us about our concrete, asphalt, and utility services? We are happy to be of service in Maryland.


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