What Happens to Unused Fill Dirt at a Construction Site?


unused fill dirt

What happens to that unused dirt?

Have you ever seen huge piles of dirt that has been removed from a construction site after clearing and wondered what it will be used for? Surely all that removed dirt has to go somewhere! In the construction industry, there are several things we can do with unused fill dirt. These range from redistributing the dirt to other construction sites where it’s needed to selling the dirt to companies that could use it for various purposes. Read on to learn more about the life of unused fill dirt!

To Each According to His Needs

“Get your fill dirt! Get your fresh fill dirt!” Dirt that’s removed from a construction site is not simply thrown away. This dirt is valuable, especially if it’s clean. Before the construction even begins, the dirt goes through Phase I/Phase II site assessment, which tests the dirt for environmental concerns. Dirt that is contaminated is taken to a facility where it is incinerated. Sometimes, if the dirt is not too contaminated, it can be used as a soil cover in landfills, which helps trash to decompose. This ensures that dirt that is, well, dirty doesn’t get used somewhere else where it doesn’t belong. Any dirt that is clean can then be redistributed to places that need it.

The Dirt on Construction

When we remove dirt from a construction site, occasionally we can find a purpose for it on another site. In this case, the dirt is loaded into our big red dump trucks and hauled to the other site. Sometimes dirt is compacted and used as part of a structural foundation. Other times, the dirt is piled up to create a hill or other heightened area. A construction company uses fill dirt the way an artist uses clay; we can shape it and utilize it to get a beautiful finished product.

Dirt for reclamation

When we cannot find a viable use for the unused fill dirt, we use it to help reclaim our sand and gravel mine sites. The clean earthen fill can be used to fill and level the areas previously mined to promote better drainage. The holes can be filled in with the excess dirt, compacted, and graded for drainage. The finished area is then ready for its next use either to be developed for a recreational, commercial or residential use or to be used as a farm field.


Fill dirt is used for so many purposes, it’s likely that you frequent an area that was bolstered by it! Many state and community parks use clean fill dirt for planting or building projects. By sharing our unused construction dirt, we can help parts of the community that need it!


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