Weeds in Asphalt: The Why and What

grass in asphalt

Are grass and weeds springing from your office’s pavement? Here’s why.

Springtime is here, and plants are waking up after a long winter. Seeds are sprouting, but not where you expect them to grow. Are you seeing weeds in asphalt at work? Is your commercial driveway or parking lot turning into a grassy carpet? We’ll get into the why and what of weeds in asphalt below. If you have any asphalt paving or repair needs in central Maryland, Reliable Contracting is here to help.

Why Are There Weeds in My Asphalt Pavement?

There are several reasons weeds might start growing in asphalt pavement. In the worst case scenario, you might see weeds and grass growing through it in as little as a few weeks after new asphalt installation. If so, it is highly likely that the pavement has failed. It could be that the foundational layers are insufficient or even non-existent. If that’s the case, it’s better to redo the pavement so your commercial entry, parking, and exit can withstand the everyday traffic.

Another possibility is that the pavement has had little to no maintenance over the years, and pavement cracks have allowed water and seeds to penetrate it. It could be a sign of deeper problems. Asphalt cracks can become potholes, which can be dangerous to vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and the asphalt itself.

What Can I Do to Remove Them?

As a preliminary measure, you can start by killing the rogue grass and weeds by using a commercial product, a white vinegar spray, or several rounds of boiling water. 

After that, you should seriously consider having a professional evaluate your pavement. Considering it is a commercial property, you want to have a safe and smooth pavement for your customers and employees to access the business or businesses. As a business, the company location’s curb appeal can influence its reputation. It is worth it to attend to these matters.

If your business is in central Maryland, Reliable Contracting can fix your pavement and make it like new. If the damage is severe, you can count on us to do it the right way the first time. We have our own asphalt plant near route 3 in Gambrills, MD, and so can supply our own products. If you would like an evaluation, please reach out to Reliable!


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