The Reliable Choice? Vote for Question 1 on Election Day!

When you are planning out your household budget, each division of your money is made with a good reason in mind. The money you put aside for your mortgage payment, for example, is an essential one; it keeps a roof over you and your family’s head! So if money specified from your mortgage payment was constantly being shifted to other, less important household expenses, this would definitely prove to be problematic. Marylanders are facing just this kind of issue on a statewide scale with Question 1 on the upcoming election’s ballot. Read on to find out more!

 MARYLAND Question 1Maryland Question 1: Why a Yes Vote Keeps Your Roads Safe

Question 1 on the ballot has to do with the creation of a steady, reliable source of funding for Maryland’s roads and transportation projects. Currently, Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund lacks protection; funds from it can be diverted to other state initiatives and not be replaced, with little oversight or consequences. As a result, taxpayer money that has been designated for projects that would improve Maryland roads, repair bridges, and keep transportation safe is spent elsewhere, leaving no effective way for these much-needed improvements to be made.

Maryland residents generate the revenue used for the Transportation Trust Fund through things such as fuel taxes and transit fares: in short, revenue generated by transportation is meant to support transportation. By not enforcing any sort of restriction on how this money can be spent, taxpayers are quite simply not getting what they pay for.

But this upcoming Tuesday, Marylanders are being given the opportunity to make a huge difference. Voting for Question 1 on the ballot means that you will be voting for a measure that will create what is being called a “lock box” for the Transportation Trust Fund. Unlike current laws, this law would ensure that the money in the Transportation Trust Fund is only used for the purposes of improving Maryland transportation systems in their many forms. It doesn’t mean a new tax will be created for this fund; on the contrary, it means that taxes that have already existed will put money into the transportation projects that need it most.

Join Reliable Contracting in supporting Question 1 on the ballot this Tuesday!

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