The PRO Act’s Impact on the American Worker

The PRO Act’s Impact on the American Worker
A message on the PRO Act’s impact on American workers:

On Monday, March 8th, the US House of Representatives passed The Protect the Right to Organize Act, (aka “The PRO Act). It is expected to go the Senate next week. If it passes, this Federal bill will greatly impact American Workers.

The PRO Act (H.R. 842 and S. 420) attempts to implement radical labor policies that have been historically rejected by the judicial system, opposed on a bipartisan basis in Congress, and/or abandoned by the agencies asked to enforce them. Democrats in Congress have brought back this bill, (and those radical labor policies) knowing that a Senate Democratic majority would pass it and the Biden-Harris campaign has already vowed to sign into law. 

Here are portions of the letter sent by the Associated Builders and Contractors, to our Senators:

“On behalf of the millions of American business concerned with the rights of their employees, the current economic situation, and the need for balance in federal regulation….(we) write to express our opposition to the H.R. 842/S. 420. ….

While proponents of this bill claim it would simply protect the ability of workers to join a union if they so choose, the Pro Act would instead strip workers of their privacy, freedom and choice…”

Many of the bills provisions would implement policies that have previously been rejected on a bipartisan basis in Congress, overturned by the judicial system, and withdrawn by the federal agencies.”

Some of the rights American workers will lose with this bill, that were fought and won over the last 70 years, are:

  • The right to choose whether or not to be represented by a union through a secret ballot election. This bill implements a system that forces employees to sign union authorization cards in front of coworkers and union organizers. 
  • The right to privacy. This bill will expose workers’ personal privacy by mandating that businesses turn over workers’ personal information, such as cell phone numbers and home addresses to union organizers. 
  • Allow unions to protest and boycott companies that are not directly involved in a labor dispute by eliminating the NLRA’s 70-year ban on secondary boycott activity. If this provision is signed into law, unions could target not only the employer involved in a labor dispute but also any company that does business with that employer.
  • The right to choose not to contribute to a union they do not support.

For more details on the PRO Act, visit, or see any of the other references and sources listed below.

I urge you to act now. If you value your right to choose where you work, and your privacy, please contact your Senator. 

Benjamin L. Cardin 202-224-4524

Chris Van Hollen 202-224-4654


Tricia Baldwin

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