The Community Impact of Construction


Community impact of Construction

The construction of new roads can leave a hugely positive impact on the community.

We’ve all woken up to the sounds of construction in the wee hours of the morning. While it may be annoying to have to listen to loud construction and drive through construction zones, construction projects ultimately have a hugely positive impact on the community. Here are just a few ways that your community has likely already benefited from construction work from Reliable Contracting and other construction companies.

Economic Benefits

Building new roads is a great way to boost the local economy. Nearby properties can benefit from improving transportation networks. Nice, new roads mean that more people will be attracted to the area, which boosts local tourism and supports local businesses. Plus, newer roads that are easier to drive on mean that your daily commute will be faster and put less wear and tear on your vehicle. Urban economic theory tells us the building up of a community’s infrastructure is a great way to pass on cost savings that will benefit property values. So, although it’s annoying and stressful to deal with road construction now, the finished roads will make your commute easier, boost local businesses, and make your property more valuable.

Environmental Impact

Construction everywhere causes high emissions that can harm the environment globally and impact local communities. That’s why it’s important to use environmentally-friendly methods as often as possible. At Reliable Contracting, we use environmentally-friendly asphalt production methods that conserve energy in the production of asphalt. We were also the first Maryland-based commercial site contractor to install an innovative newwater management system called the Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance Design (RSCD). This design incorporates natural materials and water-absorbing plants that slow the flow of runoff and absorb excess water into the ground rather than allowing heavy runoff to pick up debris and deposit it in local streams, lakes, and rivers. The result is construction that benefits the community and limits the environmental impact.


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