The Benefits of TMPs: Lessening Construction Site Injuries

When it comes to construction zone on highways, or any other roadway for that matter, safety is of the utmost importance. That is why transportation engineers across the nation are constantly trying to improve highway safety. And they may have stumbled upon something that actual works… Transportation Management Plans (TMPs)

The Benefits of TMPs

According the FHWA Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule (23 CFR 630 Subpart J), “A TMP lays out a set of coordinated strategies and describes how these strategies will be used to manage the work zone impacts of a project. The scope, content, and level of detail of a TMP may vary based on the agency’s work zone policy and the anticipated work zone impacts of the project.”

After implementing a TMP, Michigan’s I-69 saw accidents decrease by 16% during construction.

“The TMP process gives us the opportunity to better plan for and manage our work zones,” said Julie Johnston, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) work zone delivery engineer. As a result, we are able to identify potential impacts that previously might not have been recognized and identify innovative strategies to manage those impacts through the coordination of construction design and delivery.”

Other states are seeing comparable results with the use of TMPs and several of the below Safety Techniques:

  • extra-wide crossover lanes
  • emergency pull off lanes
  • extended acceleration lanes
  • portable message boards
  • split-lane merges
  • low-profile pavement marking
  • And more!

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Source: To Lessen Work Zone Impacts: Try TMPs

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