Summer Safety Tips to Beat the Heat


summer safety tips

Make sure you take breaks and stay hydrated, especially if you notice any symptoms of overheating.

Excessive heat like we have been feeling lately can be dangerous and even deadly for outdoor workers. That’s why it’s especially important to keep an eye on yourself and others to make sure that no one is getting overheated. Here are some safety tips for staying cool when working outside.

Know the Signs

Working for long, unbroken hours in direct sunlight can result in heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and hyperthermia. The body sweats when it is hot, but if it becomes too hot, sweating is not enough. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and hyperthermia are all conditions where the body overheats and experiences an extreme reaction. If not taken care of immediately, overheating can, in some severe cases, cause death. It’s important to know the signs of each so that you can take a break before it becomes a serious issue. Here are a few symptoms to look for.

  • Heat exhaustion: Dizziness, headache, excessive sweating, weakness, cramps, nausea, vomiting, and fast heartbeat.
  • Heat stroke: Red, hot, dry skin, high body temperature, confusion, convulsions, and fainting
  • Hyperthermia: Muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, and weakness.

Water. Rest. Shade.

OSHA has been running a campaign to spread awareness of the symptoms of heat illness and encourage outside workers to take breaks when needed. OSHA’s safety tips are simple: “Water. Rest. Shade.” They advise to drink water every 15 minutes, even if you’re not feeling thirsty. This ensures that your body is getting enough hydration and will not suffer from dehydration. Resting in the shade and wearing a hat and light colored, loose-fitting clothing also helps to protect workers from the damage of direct sunlight and high temperatures. It’s also important to help new employees build up their heat tolerance slowly, rather than pushing them to work in the direct sunlight as long as others who are already acclimated.

Working in the heat actually makes fresh asphalt more pliable, making the job go faster. We’re proud of our employee’s strong dedication to get the job done quickly. However, we’re also proud of our employees’ ability to know their limits and play it safe!


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