How Do Storm Drains Work?

Storm Drains

Storm drains play a crucial role in controlling stormwater runoff.

Whether or not you realize it, storm drains play a crucial role in keeping your landscaping looking beautiful, your basement dry, and your foundation from getting water damage. How exactly do storm drains work and what services do they offer us?

Storm Drain 101

Storm drains are designed to prevent flooding on the road, in yards, and around homes and businesses. They work by diverting rainwater and melting snow and ice into nearby bodies of water. Every time it rains, water runs off of your roof, through your gutters, and into the street. It picks up debris and pollutants along the way from your home and yard (and the street). This water flows into storm drains and then through a system of pipes into a nearby stream, pond, reservoir, or other body of water.

Is Storm Drain Water Treated?

Storm drain water goes directly from your yard, to the street, to the storm drain, and into the local body of water. This is why environmental groups emphasize using as few chemicals in and around your home as possible! Trash, motor oil, pesticides, and harsh chemicals all go directly from your yard into local reservoirs and streams. Once they are there and polluting the water, they can take a major toll on the wildlife, fish, and even you!

Tips for Keeping Stormwater Clean

Are you not sure how to keep the water entering storm drains from your home safe and clean? Here are some quick tips!

  • Don’t pour or throw things into storm drains, especially if you are working on a car or with yard equipment
  • Keep the street outside of your home clean and free from debris (this also helps prevent the drain from getting backed up due to leaves)
  • Properly dispose of your trash and secure your trash and recycling bins
  • Don’t leave piles of leaves in the street where they can block the flow to a storm drain
  • Use yard chemicals as infrequently as possible and only according to manufacturer directions

Environmentally Safe Practices from Reliable Contracting

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