How to Stay Healthy as the Weather Gets Warmer

stay healthy with the changing weather by covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze

Covering your mouth when you sneeze is a great way to keep germs from spreading as the weather gets warmer.

It’s that time of year again…as the Western hemisphere lurches towards spring, the weather fluctuates between warm and cold. Unseasonably warm weather paired with drastically changing temperatures means that many people will get sick as we move into spring. People who work outside tend to be particularly affected. Here are a few tips for construction workers to keep themselves healthy as we move into warmer weather.

Stay Hydrated

On colder days, you’re less likely to drink as much water. However, staying hydrated is a great way to flush toxins out of the body and absorb nutrients that keep you healthy. Even if it’s cold outside, make sure that you’re drinking water throughout the day. You may want to consider carrying a water bottle with you if you can so that you can drink from it throughout the day.

Personal Hygiene

Everyone knows to wash their hands and to cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze. However, it bears repeating, since being mindful of these habits can cut back on the spread of germs. You also want to make sure that you are actually washing your hands before eating, not just quickly using some antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Eat Healthy

Taking some supplements in the morning is a great way to ensure that you are getting your recommended amount of daily vitamins. However, nothing beats a healthy, balanced meal, especially if it’s replacing some unhealthy fast food. Healthy foods give you more energy and generally help you to feel better and avoid getting sick. Try bringing your own home-cooked lunch to work with you; your body will thank you!

Dress Appropriately

It may be 40 degrees in the morning and then 70 degrees by the afternoon; how do you know what to wear? Start out with a first layer that’s made of a moisture-wicking material that will wick sweat away from the body. After that, be sure that you’re wearing layers that you can remove as it gets hotter. If it’s already hot outside in the morning, bring a sweater and a jacket with you just in case you have to add layers on later as temperatures drop.

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