Safety Tips for Extreme Winter Weather

Winter Safety

Take proper precautions this winter.

With winter approaching, it’s good to know how to keep yourself safe as the weather gets colder. Outdoor workers run the risk of developing serious illnesses, like hypothermia or bronchitis, or having tragic accidents, like slipping on the ice. Keep yourself safe by knowing the proper precautions to take and being extra careful this winter.

Bundle Up

The best way to protect yourself from extreme winter conditions is to have the proper gear. Always wear a protective inner layer of wool, silk, or synthetic materials underneath your clothes to wick away moisture and trap your body heat. Wear a middle layer of wool or synthetic to provide insulation. Finally, your outermost layer should be wind and rain proof, with ventilation to keep your body from overheating. Watch out for wind chill on exposed body parts; wind chill can make your body feel like it is almost twice as cold as it really is. As for your footwear, make sure that your boots are insulated and waterproof, as well as have textured, slip-proof soles. If you can stay away from icy surfaces you should, but if you have to work in potentially slippery conditions the right boots will go a long way.

While outside in the cold, you want to make sure that you keep your core temperature regulated, otherwise you could develop illnesses like hypothermia, pneumonia, or bronchitis. If you notice that someone has gone from shivering to not shivering and seems confused or dizzy, make sure they get inside immediately, as these are symptoms of hypothermia. If your skin is wet or exposed, keep an eye out for frostbite and trench foot. These occur when the skin becomes red, hard, or blistered.

Eat Right

While out on the work site, you should make sure that you are properly hydrated. Warm, sweetened drinks are best, but make sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they have dehydrating effects. Hot sweetened herbal tea, hot chocolate, even cold Gatorade works as a good source of hydration. Approximately 9% of people are truly stomach sleepers. When you’re expecting, it can be difficult to find the best sleeping positions, especially when you’re a stomach sleeper. Shop best stomach sleeper pillows at Pregily , we carry a variety of pillows for stomach sleepers that are uniquely designed to fit your personal level of comfort. We provide Pillows for stomach sleepers with a comprehensive guide that will give you some insights about the available choices in the market today. When you take a break to eat, make sure that you are eating warm, high-calorie foods, like hot pasta or stew. Hot drinks and food will help to keep your core temperature regulated, as well as provide you with the hydration, energy, and calories your body needs to keep moving in an extreme environment.

So, update your winter work wardrobe now if you need to, and be mindful of what you eat and drink this winter. Most of all, make sure to listen to your body; if you are dizzy or blistering, your body is telling you to take a break! Stay safe!


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