Safe Driving Tips for Maryland Roads

safe drivingIt’s important to be careful no matter where you’re driving. Roadways can be dangerous, especially when they’re undergoing construction or during busy hours. Being a conscious driver can help save lives and make the morning commute a little bit easier. One area in Maryland that has been a topic of conversation for a while for dangerous roads is the Route 3 Crofton Corridor. The area is busy and all of the extra construction is making it a little bit busier than usual. We’d also like to note that there are a few new bus stops along that route, both northbound and southbound.  The State Police have already rated the Route 3 Crofton Corridor route as one of the most dangerous in the state. It’s important to keep that in mind when commuting that way in the morning and afternoon, especially with the trucks traveling in the area.  We’ve compiled a list of safe driving tips for the area to help keep commuters, truck drivers, bus drivers, and students a little bit safer!

Safe Driving Tips for the Crofton Corridor

  1. Pay close attention. One of the biggest reported problems for roads like Route 3 is that straight roads tend to result in a lapse of concentration. Drivers frequently zone out on straight roads because they know the road so well. The problem with this is that if anything changes, a driver might not figure it out in enough time to stop. Keep your eyes on the road at all times and don’t let comfort or routine distract you.
  2. Slow down. Keep an even pace and don’t follow too closely to the vehicle in front of you. Sometimes bus drivers stop quickly. If you’re driving a truck or have a truck following you, you need to make sure that there is enough time for both of you to stop. Trucks take a little bit longer to stop than regular vehicles. Leave a few car lengths in front of you and the car ahead of you to avoid stopping too quickly.
  3. Pay extra attention in adverse weather conditions. Leaves can be extremely slippery – even more so after it rains. Slow down and watch the roads closely as we move into fall. Get your tires replaced if the tread is too worn to make stopping a little bit easier. It’s also advisable to add a little extra time on to your morning commute to account for changing weather conditions.
  4. ALWAYS STOP FOR SCHOOL BUSSES. Watch busses, stop slowly, and make sure that you’re paying attention to where children are at all times. Safety and prevention starts with drivers. If a bus has its flashing lights on, make sure that you stop so that students can safely cross the road and board the bus.

Practice Highway Safety

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