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Road construction is all around us, from the back roads of Southern Maryland to the city streets of Baltimore, the highways, and every road in between. Consequently, construction projects and road work like this produces physical obstacles and other such hazards for drivers, increasing the risk of an accident.

Accident Liability and Construction Crews
If an accident occurs because of improper warnings, contradicting signs or signals, poorly lit construction zones, or other such negligence, the government jurisdiction responsible for the roadway construction could be held liable. This is because construction crews have a responsibility to properly warn drivers of impending traffic changes to help keep traffic flowing as smoothly as possible.

Still, while construction crews are required to utilize proper signage, reflective barricades, flashing lights, and other warnings to alert drivers, sometimes it is not enough to prevent accidents.

Potential Road Construction Hazards
• Merging: When lanes are closed, drivers may be required to merge into fewer lanes without much notice. This sometimes creates problems, especially during periods of heavy traffic.
• Little Room for Error: With construction sites, barricades, and walls, there is little room for driver error. And in such close quarters, one little mistake can cause a big problem.
• Debris: A byproduct of construction is debris. And while construction crews do what they can, from time to time, pieces of debris end up in the roadways.

Please be safe and stay alert when navigating construction sites!

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Road Construction Hazards

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