Protect Maryland’s Transportation Funds

Maryland Transportation FundKeeping Maryland’s roads safe is a number one priority at Reliable Contracting. We work hard to improve roads and help to ensure driver safety. Unfortunately, Maryland elected officials don’t necessarily see the importance of roadwork. Over the past few years, our officials have diverted over one billion (yes, with a b) dollars from Maryland’s transportation funds to other causes and have never refunded that money. The money for transportation comes from Maryland residents. Registration fees, gas taxes, and more all go to fund better roads and bridges – or they’re supposed to anyway. To answer for the lost money, Question 1 has been put on the ballot for Election Day this fall, and we’d like to encourage you to vote “YES.”

What is Maryland Question 1 All About?

Question 1 will secure Maryland’s transportation funds. If Question 1 passes, a Maryland constitutional amendment will be added stating that Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund cannot be raided for other purposes. It will only be able to be used to better Maryland’s roads and transportation system. This provision is what is commonly called a “lockbox,” and would lock the money down for necessary use. Dozens of organizations are supporting this effort, but we need every Maryland voter to help get the amendment passed.

Why Should You Vote for Question 1?

For starters, the city of Baltimore is one of the worst cities for drivers in the entire nation – and that’s just one city in Maryland. The whole state has bad traffic conditions and a number of improvements that need to be done on major highways in the state. For safety reasons, these improvements need to be taken on ASAP. More roadwork also means the creation of new jobs. If we can actually get our road crews out to take care of roads and bridges, we can support job growth and work to improve the economy. It’s important to protect these funds for the safety and prosperity of Maryland families statewide.

If you have any questions about Maryland Question 1, please do not hesitate to contact us or your local representative. You can also find more information in this Baltimore Sun article. Get 300 crypto casino reviews make sure you get a good overview


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