Pothole Repair from Reliable Contracting, your Baltimore Asphalt Contractor

Laying ConcretePot holes are not only a visual annoyance, detracting from the curb appeal of your business, but they are also incredibly bad for your customers and their cars. So it is incredibly important that you address pot holes as they happen. This will also prevent them from growing and causing more damage to your asphalt parking lot.

Reliable Contracting: Your Baltimore Asphalt Contractor

Reliable Contracting Company is a full-service commercial and residential asphalt paving contractor, offering the production and installation of hot and cold-mix asphalt, asphalt patching, milling, seal coating and crack filling.

Pothole Repair Process

  1. Using a pavement saw or pneumatic hammer, we will cut a square outline for the patch, extending at least 0.3 m (I ft.) outside of the distressed area.
  2. We will excavate as much pavement as necessary to reach a firm support base.
  3. Next, we will trim and compact the sub-grade.
  4. We will then apply a tack coat to the vertical faces of the excavation.
  5. Now for the fun. We will backfill the excavated area with the asphalt mixture.
  6. We will spread the mixture carefully, avoiding segregation.
  7. We will then thoroughly compact the patch.

So what are you waiting for? Call Reliable Contracting today for all of your asphalt pavement needs. Our accredited quality control lab and certified technicians ensure consistency while our experienced plant and field crews deliver a final product of which you and we can be proud. To finish off your job, we also offer parking lot striping, signage, parking bumpers and speed bumps.

If you have any questions about Reliable Contracting or if you have a construction project that you need completed right the first time, please contact Anne Arundel County’s largest site-work contractor by calling 410-987-0313 or visit our website. Reliable Contracting now boasts more than 400 employees, 100 trucks and 250 pieces of earthmoving equipment!

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