Planning for a Demo Project

A demolition project is a huge undertaking that requires a significant amount of planning. Yet, despite even the best planning, unforeseen changes will occur. And as impossible as it may seem, you need to plan for those unforeseen incidents. Fortunately, the National Demolition Association (NDA) has set out to help with this process and minimize any problems that might occur along the way.

The NDA Demolition Planning Document

This gives contractors and other stakeholders a checklist of activities that must be completed on typically demolition projects of all sizes.

  • Helps avoid the negative impact of unanticipated changes on project schedules, costs and liabilities.
  • The NDA is making specific contract language available to buyers of demolition services so that they can consider including it in their own contracts to make sure they manage all parties’ expectations concerning things like permitting, insurance, health and safety reports, and waste disposal.

Copies of the Demolition Planning Document and the Model Demolition Specification language are posted on the NDA website ( under “Our Industry.”

Demolition Planning Document Checklist

Proposed Use: What is the intended use of the site? It is important to convey this information to your demolition expert.

Utility Disconnects: Will the demolition contractor carry the cost and responsibility of utility disconnects? If not, the owner/operator should be prepared to provide all disconnect documentation to the demolition contractor.

Reuse of Materials: Are materials from the project going to be reused or recycled? This is important information to convey to your contractor.

Salvage of Materials: Who takes ownership over salvaged materials, the owner or the contractor? Bid and contract documents should make this clear.

Extent of Underground Demolition: The extent of underground removals should be clearly defined.

Responsibility of Temporary Facilities: Your contract should make clear who will take on the responsibility for temporary facilities, like portable restrooms, temporary power, temporary water, site fencing, site security, etc.

Permits: Which party will secure permits?

Expected Condition of Site at Completion of Demolition: The owner must convey his expectations to the demolition company.

And Much More!

While it is impossible to foresee every possible outcome of a demolition project, preparing yourself with the help of the NDA’s Demolition Planning Document can help your project run as smoothly as possible.

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Plan for A Successful Demo Project

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