Pavement Crack Filling FAQs


pavement crack filling

Pavement crack filling may leave you with a few questions. It’s okay, we’re here to answer them.

Even if you take proper precautions, like building your pavement with proper drainage, pavement cracks can still occur over time. Water is the biggest enemy of asphalt, as it manages to work its way into even the smallest crevices in pavement. Deterioration from road salts, heavy traffic, and sunlight that dries out the tar on pavement are all things that allow water to enter pavement. When the weather gets cold, the water freezes and expands, causing cracks. Fixing pavement cracks when they occur can save you from costly fixes down the road as well as prevent premature pavement deterioration. Here are a few things you should know about pavement crack filling.

Pavement Crack Filling FAQs

When should pavement be crack filled? You should fill any cracks you notice in your pavement at least once per year. This should be a routine practice for the entire life of the pavement. Generally, the best time to fill pavement cracks is between the months of April to November.

Can crack filling material be tracked into my building? It can if someone walks on it before it dries, but luckily, crack filling material dries in minutes. After we finish applying the crack filling material, you won’t have to worry about it being tracked inside.

How resistant is crack filling material to temperature changes? The crack filling material is applied at approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit. As it cools, it expands to fill the crack completely. It’s designed to be flexible and expand and contract with temperature changes according to the weather. However, extreme temperature may result in your pavement crack reappearing; this is why it’s important to perform asphalt maintenance every year.

How can I prevent cracks from appearing in my pavement? There are two things you can do to ensure the longevity of your pavement. First, commit to inspecting and maintaining pavement every year. Second, keep an eye out for even minor problems and fix them as soon as they appear. Doing these things will keep small problems from becoming large ones.


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