How a New Road is Built

new road

Building a brand new road is a complicated process.

Do you know how a road is built? It’s much more than simply laying down asphalt. There’s a whole process to building a new road that takes months to complete! If you’re ever wondered about how a new road is built, then read on.

The Planning Phase

The planning of a new road usually begins with a request. The local government will often put in a request for road improvements for individual roads or for a new project. After the request is made, a plan will have to be constructed that meets strategic and performance goals. This plan will have to consider:

  • Existing development and land use plans
  • Traffic patterns
  • Environmental impact
  • Cost and revenue estimates

This detailed planning stage can take anywhere from 1-24 months!

The Scoping Phase

This phase lasts between 1-8 months and involves:

  • Confirming the project need and purpose
  • Beginning the environmental review process
  • Establishing a project team
  • Performing a survey of the area where the new road will be
  • Developing an initial design

The Preliminary Design Phase

This part of the planning can take anywhere between 1-18 months. The preliminary design will involve the following:

  • Take into account any existing roads, bridges, walkways, and structures.
  • The new road may require the installation of traffic control devices, so those will be incorporated into the design if needed.
  • There will be a study of the right of way and traffic impacts that the road will have, as well as a work zone review.
  • An environmental document must be completed for the NEPA.
  • A public hearing about the new road may be held.
  • The design must be approved.

The Detailed Design Phase

After the preliminary design is made, the road design is fine-tuned for these features:

  • Determining right of way and utility impacts
  • Design of the roadway, utilities, bridges, structures, and traffic control devices
  • Developing sedimentation/hydraulic plans

The Final Design and Right of Way Acquisition Phase

The design is finally ready to go after right of way has been officially acquired, all inspections have been performed, and all permits have been obtained. This can take anywhere from 1-24 months.

The Construction Phase

Finally, the new road is ready to be built! This is where a contracting company such as Reliable Contracting comes in. The contractor gets to work building the road, quality and safety checks are performed throughout the construction process. After a satisfactory inspection, the road is open for traffic!

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