Landscape Improvements With Recycled Materials

Landscape Improvements With Recycled Materials

Save money and protect the environment by recycling landscaping materials!

Many people look at landscaping the wrong way. You don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds, or even sometimes thousands of dollars to improve the appearance of a landscape. If you are on a budget, there are all sorts of ways you can improve the look of your property. By using recycled materials, you are not only saving yourself money but helping to protect the environment. Here are some eco-friendly landscape improvements that use recycled materials.

Salvage Items

This is one of the best ways to landscape a property. Try to use anything that you have on hand that is salvageable. There is no sense in throwing money out the window when you already have usable materials on hand. You may have to use your imagination, but you may surprise yourself with all the ideas you come up with. For example, old stones and bricks can be used as stepping stones for the garden.

Recycled Content

Reliable Contracting has a big green industry commitment. They have been an innovator of all sorts of recycled materials. They burn recycled oil for fuel, produce asphalt paving mixes, recycle asphalt and concrete for base materials.

Think Twice Before Disposing Your Garden Waste

There are a lot of people who will throw away materials without thinking about how they could be used. For example, instead of discarding the tree that you took down, run it through a wood chipper and you suddenly have wood chips for your walkway.

Recycled Material Promotion

Reliable Contracting is having a recycled material promotion. They are offering RC2’s and RC6’s, which is crushed and recycled concrete in different sizes. They also have RBRG which is the most recycled product in the world. It is also known as RAP (recycled asphalt pavement).  This is the same material used for new roads as it can be reused over and over by mixing in new liquid asphalt. Reliable Contracting is proud to say they were the first contracting company to offer this service in Maryland. They also are happy to say they provide hauling services. In other words, they deliver!


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