How a Pond Retrofit Cleans Your Streams


pond retrofit

A good pond retrofit involves making sure the stormwater pond is working optimally as well as beautifying the surrounding area.

You’ve probably seen a stormwater pond, also known as a retention basin, somewhere in your community. Stormwater ponds are built in response to new construction, like large buildings, housing communities, and even roads. Oftentimes, the construction of new structures increases stormwater runoff. This stormwater runoff floods local streams and carries pollution and debris to areas with aquatic life. To prevent this from happening, stormwater ponds are built near new structures. These ponds are designed to capture excess stormwater runoff, filter it, and release the clean water slowly into the local streams. This prevents flooding and protects the natural habitats of aquatic life. However, there are thousands of stormwater ponds in Maryland alone. Some of these ponds are privately maintained, while others are state maintained. Occasionally, a neglected stormwater pond will become clogged, which makes it ineffective. This is where a pond retrofit comes in.

What is a Pond Retrofit?

Reliable Contracting performs stormwater pond retrofits; this is our way of keeping our communities vibrant and beautiful. A neglected stormwater pond is not a lost cause; with a little planning and labor, an old stormwater pond can be returned to its former glory.

To retrofit a stormwater pond, we focus on two things: making the pond functional and beautiful. We unclog the drainage area of the pond and dredge the bottom to restore the pond basin storage volume. After removing pollutants and making sure that the stormwater pond is once again functional, we focus on beautifying the surrounding area with shrubs, trees, and flowers. Not only does this landscaping add a bit of beauty to the surrounding community, it also helps to prevent erosion and absorbs excess water into the ground. Finally, we check for safety issues. If the pond is large, then we build a fence around the perimeter of the pond to ensure that no one can accidentally fall into the pond. The finished product is a new and improved stormwater pond that’s safe and a beautiful asset to the community!


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