Helping Your Pavement Recover from Winter as We Move into Spring

spring pavement

Make sure your pavement is ready for warmer weather!

The winter pattern of snow, sleet, ice, freezing, and thawing can take a huge toll on the pavement outside of your home. Now that the chill of winter is leaving the air and spring is on the way, it’s time to give your pavement a little extra TLC. Here are our top tips for helping your pavement recover from winter as we move into spring.


Maintenance can mean the difference between long-lasting pavement and pavement that’s crumbling beneath your feet. Schedule a total pavement inspection to see what weaknesses are present before doing anything else. Many times, pavement damage is hidden beneath the surface and an untrained eye can’t spot the problems. Small cracks can be hard to spot due to the dark surface color and puddles can be looked over by homeowners that don’t realize puddles shouldn’t be there. A professional inspection can identify pavement problems and create an action plan for solving them.

A Thorough Cleaning

Next, hire a professional to thoroughly clean the surface of the pavement. Dirt and debris need to be removed before any repairs take place, so a high-quality cleaning will prep the surface and prevent any rocks or debris from getting below the surface once spring arrives.

Fill Cracks and Repair Damages

If your pavement does have any issues, have them made immediately before the rains of spring and summer begin. If you continue to put off making repairs, cracks will continue to grow and deepen and minor surface blemishes will become huge eyesores that may necessitate pavement replacement instead of simple repair.

Refresh Your Stripes

If you are spring cleaning pavement outside of your business, spring is the best time to repaint the stripes on the lot. New lines look more attractive and lead to much less grumbling from customers visiting your business struggling to see where parking spaces are. Play the best juegos friv online games.

Detention or Retention Ponds from Reliable Contracting

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