Everything You Need to Know About Traffic Stops

traffic-stopWhen it comes to keeping roadways safe, police officers play a vital role. Not only are they available to come to the aid of drivers in need, but they also perform traffic stops geared towards reducing risks and making certain that everyone out on the road is adhering to best driving practices. Though the idea of a traffic stop may seem like an intimidating one, you do not (and should not!) be worried. Read on to learn what to expect from a traffic stop and how you can work with police officers to keep our roads safe.

 What Will the Police Officer Do During a Traffic Stop?

 One of the main reasons some drivers feel apprehensive about dealing with a traffic stop is because they do not know what kind of behavior to expect from police officers. Police officers are expected to display professional and courteous behavior, and so if you are pulled over in a traffic stop, you can expect…

a greeting. You will be greeted by the Trooper first; they will say both their name and the reason why they elected to stop you. They should also present some form of identification, such as a badge, after first stopping you.

…answers. If you have any questions for the Trooper who pulled you over, they should address them politely and respectfully.

…explanations. If you are being issued a citation or warning, the Trooper issuing it should explain why you have received it, what exactly it means, and whether there are any follow-up steps you need to take to in order to address it.

A police officer who feels they have probable cause to search your vehicle, they will ask for your consent and cooperation. It is within your rights to refuse this request, however if you agree you will be asked to give a written account of your consent.

 What Can I Do to Be Prepared for a Traffic Stop?

 To be fully prepared and ready to cooperate during a traffic stop, make sure to follow these tips:

-Carry your driver’s license, vehicle registration card, and proof of insurance with you when and wherever you drive- it’s the law!

-When pulling over, be sure your vehicle is out of the way of traffic and in the safest location possible before coming to a complete stop.

-Do not exit your vehicle or unbuckle your seatbelt, unless asked to do otherwise.

-Turn off the engine and stereo and roll down your driver’s side window to speak to the Trooper.

-Most importantly, stay calm! By remaining calm and allowing the Trooper to do their job, you make the traffic stop process easier on everyone.

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