Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Practices

green asphalt practicesWe’ve only got one Earth. This sphere that we’re on will only last us for as long as we take care of it. At Reliable, we know that what we do has the potential to be dangerous for our resources and the environment. That’s why we do everything in our power to make sure that the way we do our job doesn’t have more of an impact than it has to. We believe firmly in recycling, using the most environmentally friendly products out there, and making use of the finite resources that we do have. Following are some of our best practices that we use to bring a quality product to our customers while doing our best to be economically and environmentally conscious.

Green Asphalt Practices

  • Recycled Asphalt – A few months ago we were featured in Breakout Magazine for our green recycling practices. You can read more about that article here. All asphalt can be recycled and we do our best to recycle everything that comes through our plant – going as far as using “glassphalt” to use everything we’ve got. It’s important to remember that just about everything can be recycled and reused. Why start over and use finite resources when you can turn what you’ve got into something better?
  • Warm Mix Asphalt – Not only is warm mix good for the environment, but it’s also better for our field employees than hot mix asphalt. Using warm mix asphalt helps us bring down fuel consumption and also reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere! This means that our employees are breathing in less harmful chemicals and working with a cooler product. Warm mix is becoming increasingly popular and is a great alternative to hot mix. Anglų kalbos vaikų dienos stovyklos Vilniuje https://intellectus.lt/dienos-stovykla-vilniuje/
  • Recycled Oil for Fuel – Did you know that recycling the oil from your vehicle can actually help create clean, economical fuel? We try to always use recycled oil as our sustainable fuel source to avoid using up more non-renewable resources. It helps keep the oil out of the Chesapeake Bay and allows us to save money as well. You have to change your oil every 3,000 miles anyway. Why not use it for something productive?

Sustainability is important for everyone economically and environmentally. Do your part by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Check out this site for more information on how you can join us in “going green!”

Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Services from Reliable Contracting

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