Discover How the Changing Seasons Can Affect Asphalt

Asphalt Seasons

The changing seasons can have a more drastic impact on asphalt paving than you may initially realize.

The strength and durability of asphalt are some of the qualities that make it an ideal paving material for roadways and parking lots alike. But after standard wear and tear, the changing of seasons, and sometimes unpredictable weather, asphalt can start to look worn down. Asphalt is particularly affected by the changing of the seasons due to its natural responses to hot and cold temperatures, which can result in cracks, potholes, and other issues over time that require regular maintenance. But how exactly do changing seasons cause these issues? Here’s how the changing seasons can affect asphalt.


Thanks to the freeze/thaw cycle, the winter can be an especially tough season on your asphalt pavement. With temperatures dropping below a freezing point, water on top of (as well as below) your asphalt will freeze, which can result in cracking. This can also result in worsening potholes or cause existing cracks to grow. Snow buildup and snow removal equipment can also cause damage to your parking lot. As the ice and snow melts, this also increases the amount of water in your asphalt, which can cause damage as well.


Though you won’t need to worry about ice and snow through the summer, hot temperatures can seriously affect asphalt as well. Heat can cause cracks to form, especially after a long season of colder weather, and these cracks can allow more moisture to seep in. This is of concern as the seasons change in spring, since temperatures are rising and rainy weather increases. Always keep an eye out for potholes forming as the weather heats up in order to keep up with proper asphalt maintenance.


Rainy weather increases the moisture that your asphalt is exposed to, and since rain is more frequent in the spring and autumn months, it’s important to keep an eye out for moisture-related problems. With greater rainwater penetrating the asphalt, soil erosion can become a problem that causes warping or collapse in the asphalt surface.


The best way to prevent seasonal damage to your asphalt pavement is to keep your asphalt properly maintained. Sealing your asphalt every few years can help prevent moisture-related damage and potholes. It’s also important to fix even small cracks when they appear, as this can prevent them from growing into large potholes and structural issues. When cracking and potholes get out of hand, they can become safety hazards and require costly repairs.


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