3 Commercial Snow Removal Safety Tips

3 Commercial Snow Removal Safety Tips

Leave commercial snow removal to the professionals!

We are in the heart of the winter season. Snowfall can quickly create treacherous driving and walking conditions. In order to keep everyone as safe, snow needs to be removed accordingly. Every year people injure themselves trying to remove large quantities of snow. In most cases, snow removal injuries are preventable if the right precautionary measures are taken. We have compiled a brief list of some crucial snow removal safety tips to help keep everyone safe after a big snowstorm hits.

Identify Hazards Before You Begin Working

Before you begin any construction project, you must identify potential hazards to keep yourself out of harm’s way. The same goes for commercial snow removal. You want to be sure to consider the dangers of the area you are about to work on. For instance, be sure to take note of any potholes or any surface-level changes in the area. Uneven surfaces can be treacherous when you are working with machinery like a snowplow. You do not want your machine to tip over because you didn’t familiarize yourself with the ground.

Wearing Proper Footwear

Most people understand the importance of wearing warm clothing when working outside in the snow. However, many people neglect to wear proper footwear when clearing snow from a spot. It is essential to understand how quickly frostbite can sneak up on a person. Be sure to wear winter boots and a thick pair of snows when working outside in the snow.

Pile Snow In Safe Spots

It is not always enough to clear a driveway and walkway from snow and dump it wherever. If you are removing large quantities of snow, you want to be sure to pile it in safe spots. For example, if you are clearing a parking lot, pile the snow on the far end of the lot where it is away from cars and pedestrians.


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