How to Determine Whether You Need to Resurface or Repave Your Parking Lot

How to Determine Whether You Need to Resurface or Repave Your Parking Lot

Repave or resurface? This is a frequently asked question by business owners.

Since asphalt parking lots are significant investments for any property, it’s understandable to be a bit hesitant about resurfacing or repaving one that has worn down. Repair can certainly fix small issues here and there, but, due to the nature of the type of asphalt used to make repairs, these will only be temporary fixes. When a parking lot has been damaged significantly over a length of time, it’s worth it to call a professional paving company to resurface or repave the lot entirely. Here’s what to consider when thinking about resurfacing or repaving your commercial parking lot.


When a brand new parking lot is installed, the typical amount of time it will last is around 20-30 years. However, there are several factors that can shorten this expected lifespan. If your parking lot sees a lot of traffic or has to accommodate heavy vehicles (as in an industrial complex), you can expect your parking lot to wear down a lot faster. In addition, the specific climate of your area can play a role – rain and snow seep into the asphalt and contribute to cracking when it freezes and expands. You can add up to 15 years to the life of a typical lot by resurfacing it, but if the lot is reaching the end of the expected lifespan, it might be better to consider repaving the whole thing.

The Condition of the Base

Asphalt lots are comprised of layers, so when you see tears and cracks in your pavement, it may not necessarily mean that the underlying base is damaged. If the base is still strong enough to support a fresh surface layer, resurfacing is a great option to smooth out any damage. All repairs to cracks and potholes are patched up before a fresh surface is laid upon the lot, leaving your property with a parking lot that looks like new!

Amount of Work Needed to Patch the Lot

However, if there is too much damage on the lot, it may not be worth the extra effort to patch up everything before resurfacing. Underlying issues will persist after a time, and you may end up wishing you had started fresh with a brand new parking lot. A professional asphalt paving contracting company can help you assess your lot and determine whether it makes more sense to resurface or repave it!


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