The Benefits of Concrete Recycling

The Benefits of Concrete Recycling

Concrete recycling makes sense from a business perspective for a number of reasons!

Concrete takes up a huge amount of space in landfills throughout the country, but concrete recycling is a viable option for most of this construction and demolition waste. Concrete recycling can reduce the amount you are paying to dispose of waste and help you get more done with what you have. What are some more of the benefits of concrete recycling?

Benefits 101

The core benefits of concrete recycling include:

  • Spending less on tippage and freight costs thanks to a lower weight
  • Having access to a less-expensive source of aggregate than newly-mined aggregate
  • Reducing the landfill space that is used for concrete debris
  • No longer needing to worry about gravel mining, as recycled concrete material can be used

What Can Recycled Concrete Be Used For?

Recycled concrete is a very flexible material that can be used in a variety of settings. The most common use for the products of concrete recycling is aggregate base course or road base. This is the second-highest layer of new asphalt and needed to repair and create roads throughout the country. Recycled concrete can also be used for soil stabilization, pipe bedding, and even landscaping. Recycled concrete is a cool way to add some character to your yard through paving stones, rock walls, erosion structures, water features, or just about anything you can imagine.

Concrete Recycling 101

Concrete recycling works through first reducing the size of the concrete so that it can be worked with. A scalping screen will remove any dirt or debris from the concrete. Water flotation, hand picking, and even electromagnetic separators are all utilized to make sure that the final recycled concrete product is free from any metal, clay, wood, debris, dirt, plastic, or organic materials. The end product is a fantastic, high-quality product that is suitable for use in a wide variety of commercial and residential construction applications.  

Concrete Recycling from Reliable Contracting

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