Baltimore Road Construction that Helps the Environment

Environmental Road Paving

Reliable Contracting uses recycled asphalt mixes.

Reliable Contracting aims to not just do a job but to do it well. This is why we take the extra effort to help the environment while we’re in the process of building and repairing roads. Using environmentally-friendly technologies also has the side benefit of often saving you money and offering you more flexibility.

Recycling – Turning Old into New

Reliable Contracting reclaims asphalt and concrete to create different products that can be used to make new roads. When milling roads to make way for new pavement, the asphalt millings are collected and brought back to our asphalt plants, crushed, and turned into Recycled Asphalt Pavement or RAP. This is then used in new asphalt mixes. Since asphalt is made of a mix of aggregate and a liquid asphalt binder, we can reuse every part of the material that we bring in. RAP not only recycles the stone of original product but in the mixing process we can actually heat up and reuse the binder of the original asphalt. By collecting the old millings and repurposing them for new asphalt, Reliable Contracting is able to reduce the amount of virgin stone and binder that is needed in its asphalt mixes. Recycled asphalt pavement is routinely used by many contractors, and rightly so! The repurposed pavement can be used at a rate of 15 to 45 percent in new mixes. Modern technology has made it possible to reach even higher and that number will certainly grow in the future. Making a habit of recycling old materials helps us to lessen the waste we create for necessary infrastructure. Not only that, but it also saves taxpayers money by decreasing the amount of new material that needs to be made. Recycled paving mixes are truly a win-win for everyone involved!

Warm-Mix Asphalt

Reliable Contracting also uses warm-mix technology. The technology of warm-mix asphalt allows producers to use lower temperatures, and thus, less energy to mix the asphalt. This reduction in temperature can be 50-100 degrees lower than regular hot-mix asphalt! This drastic temperature reduction allows mixers not only to conserve fuel when mixing, which then decreases the production of greenhouse gases. Not only does using a warm-mix asphalt have environmental benefits, but it also has engineering benefits as well. A warm-mix asphalt is more pliable at a lower temperature than its hot-mix cousin, this allows more time to lay down and compact the mix. Since it can be compacted at a lower temperature we can work in colder weather and achieve the same results as a traditional Hot-Mix. Warm-mix asphalt extends the paving season allowing more work to be completed later in the year.

About Reliable Contracting

Reliable is dedicated to delivering quality products, displaying professionalism within the firm, seeking new opportunities for expansion and profitability, and providing an environment for individual success. If you have a commercial or residential construction project you need taken care of, please contact Anne Arundel County’s largest site-work contractor today by calling 410-987-0313 or visiting our website. You can also follow Reliable Contracting on FacebookGoogle+LinkedInPinterest, and Twitter!

Reliable Contracting Company serves the following and surrounding counties: Annapolis, Queen Anne’s, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Baltimore City, Calvert, Caroline, Charles, Howard, Prince George, St. Mary’s, Talbot, and Washington D.C.

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