Back to School Safety Tips: Keeping Safe in School Zones & Crosswalks

Keeping Safe in School ZonesThe buses are coming…the buses are coming! It’s that time of year again. Back to school. Parents everywhere are rejoicing (we love our kids, but we need a break every now and then). But before you hand your son or daughter a brown bag full of food and a backpack, make sure you go over back to school safety tips.

Keeping Safe in School Zones & Crosswalks: Tips for Children 

Millions of children ride school buses to and from school every day. And while school buses are the safest way for children to get to school, there are incidents every year where school-age children die in school bus-related traffic crashes, according to the National High­way Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Most incidents involve five to seven year olds who are struck by passing cars or by the school bus itself because they:

  1. Hurry to get on or off the bus
  2. Act before they think and have little experience with traffic
  3. Assume motorists will see them and will wait for them to cross
  4. Do not always stay within the bus driver’s sight.

Teach your children to stay alert and stay safe around traffic.

Keeping Safe in School Zones & Crosswalks: Tips for Motorists

While it is important for children to pay attention to motorists, it is equally important, if not more important, for motorists to pay attention to children. So please follow these tips:

  1. First and foremost, obey posted speed limits, especially in school zones.
  2. Remember, it is illegal for a car to pass a bus with its red light flashing. FYI, many buses are now equipped with cameras to catch violators, so you could be cited.
  3. Give kids and school buses the Right-of-Way.
  4. Use extra precaution when working or driving in a school zone or crosswalk area.
  5. Come to a full and complete stop at crosswalks.

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