What Are The Advantages of Recycled Asphalt?

What Are The Advantages of Recycled Asphalt?

Did you know that asphalt is is the number one recycled material in the world?

Did you know that asphalt is one of the most commonly used paving materials? It is frequently used it parking lot construction because of its waterproofing properties. However, asphalt is certainly not indestructible and is not going to last forever. Fortunately, to many people’s surprise, old asphalt can be re-purposed and reused. Recycled asphalt has quite a few economic and environmental benefits.

Good For The Environment

When old asphalt is recycled, fewer materials are needed which makes it far better for the environment than just creating new asphalt. New asphalt requires new oil that is combined with sand and stone. This blend of materials produces a strong material for paving. In addition, recycling asphalt means that less of the old material ends up in landfills. It is also important to note that this material is non-biodegradable and reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Ability To Recycle Other Materials

When you recycle asphalt, you can also incorporate other recyclable materials. For example, old glass from windows can be broken down and blended into a recycled asphalt mixture. People do not realize that materials like stone and gravel are not an unlimited resource. It is best to preserve these natural elements through various recycling efforts.

It’s A Money-Saver

From a financial perspective, it makes good business sense to reuse asphalt whenever possible. Asphalt is made from petroleum, which can make it expensive if the price of oil is ever high. That being said, recycling asphalt will help to lower your construction costs. If you can save money by recycling old asphalt, why wouldn’t you?

It Is Just As Good

Many people assume that recycled materials are not as good as the original. However, in the case of recycled asphalt, it is just as good as new asphalt. Another benefit of recycled asphalt is that it can be combined with both hot and cold asphalt.


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