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The most widely used structural material for transportation infrastructure and pavements in Portland cement concrete, or PCC. And in order to achieve a PCC mixture that is workable, durable, and of high quality, mineral and chemical admixtures must be applied.

All about Admixtures

  • Chemical Admixtures: The most common chemical admixtures are air-entraining agents, water reducers, superplastics, retarders, and accelerators. All of these admixtures can affect PCC in several ways, including: managing its rate of early hydration and regulating its fluid properties.
  • Mineral Admixtures: Common mineral admixtures include fly ash, silicia fume, and microsilicia. These admixtures are added to concrete to enhance its workability; to improve resistance of concrete to thermal cracking, alkali-aggregate expansion, and sulfate attack; and to enable a reduction in cement content or water.

Concrete Contractor in Maryland

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