The Many Benefits of Recycled Asphalt

Asphalt is one of the most commonly used paving materials around. Its waterproofing and binding properties make it an ideal material for road and parking lot construction. But what many people do not know is that asphalt is also recyclable.

When old asphalt roads are replaced, the old asphalt can be reused. This is not only better for the environment (it requires less new material), but it is better for your wallet, as well! Other benefits of using recycled asphalt include:

Environmentally Friendly: As we already mentioned, recycled asphalt is much better for the environment than using new asphalt. Recycling asphalt reduces the need for new asphalt and thus new oil. Asphalt is derived from the remnants of oil and mixed with sand and stone in order to created a strong material for paving.

Economic Benefits: Since asphalt is made using petroleum, its price fluctuates with the price of oil. Using recycled asphalt will save you money!

Engineering Benefits: Recycled asphalt can be added into both “hot mix” and “cold mix” asphalt. The Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association has even come out to say that pavement mixes using recycled asphalt sometimes have superior performances than those made with virgin materials.

Some More Fun Facts: Did you know that up to 25 percent of the asphalt in some states is made up of recycled asphalt? Pretty interesting, huh? The Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association reports that 90 million tons of asphalt is recycled annually, saving taxpayers over $300 million each year.

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Benefits of Using Recycled Asphalt

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