Reliable Contracting Features in Breakout Magazine for Green Practices

Recycled AsphaltGoing green is an important movement to us. We understand that we only get one Earth to live on and doing our part to help save the environment is necessary. We also like being able to save people money and work with recycled materials. All of these things culminated into our being featured in Breakout Magazine for our use of the Hitachi ZX470LC-5 Excavator in our endeavors to use recycled asphalt to make new asphalt. Ever wondered how that process works?

A few years back, the state approved using recycled materials in order to build new roads, parking lots, and driveways. After about two decades, we finally started to notice a dent in our milled asphalt, which brings us to the process of recycling asphalt.

  • Asphalt is milled from roadways and taken to our Waugh Chapel Plant to be crushed and stored.
  • When the milled asphalt is ready to be recycled into new asphalt product, it is loaded into trucks and transported to our hot-mix asphalt plant.
  • About 35% of the old product is mixed in with new asphalt product and voila! We have recycled asphalt, which means a little less damage to the environment.

Other than going green, the other great part about using recycled asphalt is that it saves money for our clients as well as us. The production and use of recycled asphalt has shot up in the past two years or so as a result. The Hitachi Excavator that we use allows us to move between 3,500 and 4,000 tons of recycled asphalt product during an eight-hour shift, if that gives you an idea of how popular recycled asphalt is quickly becoming.  To read the article and learn more about our Hitachi Excavator as well as how Reliable utilizes recycled asphalt, please visit this website and scroll down to page four.

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