How to Maintain an Attractive Parking Lot

attractive parking lot

A well-maintained parking lot can go a long way towards making that all-important good first impression!

First impressions are so important. When clients visit your business for the first time, the first things they’ll notice will probably be the architecture of your building, the tastefulness of your landscaping, and…the quality of your parking lot!

Winter weather can do a number on parking lot pavement, especially if it’s an older parking lot. Your parking lot may come into spring with unsightly cracks, potholes, or discoloration. A poorly-maintained parking lot can reflect badly on your business as a whole. Make sure you’re making that crucial good first impression by maintaining an attractive parking lot!

Quick Response

Your response to parking lot problems can make or break the appearance of your parking lot. When you start to see cracks forming, it’s crucial that you respond quickly to have the cracks filled before they become bigger. During the life of any parking lot, the asphalt surface will oxidize and shrink, which may creates small cracks. If treated immediately with rubber crack sealer, you can prevent these cracks from growing and creating potholes.

Watch Stormwater Runoff

Heavy rains can wash sediment and debris into your parking lot. Make sure that you keep an attractive parking lot by sweeping up debris after a storm. If you notice any pools of standing water, you may want to have the indentation in the pavement filled. If water has the ability to carve out something as impressive as the Grand Canyon, it can definitely wear away some parts of your parking lot if left unattended!

Fresh Paint

There’s nothing quite like a freshly-striped parking lot! Fading stripes in a parking lot not only look bad, but they can also be confusing to drivers trying to follow the hard-to-see lines. Getting new parking lot stripes will help your attractive parking lot to look brand new as well as lower the risk of accidents.

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