The Importance of Bioretention Systems

bioretention systems

Bioretention systems help to control stormwater runoff as well as filter pollutants out of water that enters local streams and rivers.

Whether you live in an urban or suburban area, bioretention systems are critical to proper stormwater management. Every time it rains, the pollutants, chemicals, and oils sitting on the surface of parking lots and driveways run into the lawns and soil around them. Over time, these heavy metals, pieces of trash, and sediment contaminate the creeks, streams, and rivers. Bioretention systems are the best way to get the pollutants out of the water, slow down stormwater, and reviving the ecosystem in your neighborhood.  

Bioretention Systems 101

Bioretention systems are designed to filter water through a variety of steps to remove pollutants and contaminants before they filter into the stream. Bioretention areas use many different removal mechanisms that work together to get rid of all the different types of pollutants. Some of the most common mechanisms include sand beds, vegetation, ponding areas, soil, and mulch.

Why Are Bioretention Systems So Important?

Bioretention systems are perfect for both residential and commercial properties. Some of their biggest benefits include:

  • They are very flexible in terms of design, so they can be used in very large or very small spaces
  • They help to prevent stormwater from overwhelming your backyard or landscaping
  • They use native ecosystem elements to actually improve the quality of the stormwater through the filtering process
  • They are very efficient
  • They do a great job at removing sediments, heavy metals, and nutrients from the water
  • They are incredibly low maintenance
  • They are much more cost-effective than other methods of filtration

Things to Keep in Mind

While bioretention systems are very low maintenance, that does not mean that they are no maintenance. It’s important to take care of your bioretention area to ensure that it remains effective. Trust Reliable Contracting to build and maintain your bioretention systems to keep water flowing into and out of your yard throughout the year.

Bioretention Systems from Reliable Contracting

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