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While the paving industry is often accused of resisting change, we, like all industries, have also changed over the years. How?

1. Professionalism and Reputation: For years, contractors were infamous for bidding low just to win contracts. These days, however, with the increasing importance the Internet and social media has put on reputation and customer service, price plays just one part of the puzzle. Now, customers are smarter than ever. And, as a result, today’s customer is looking for a paving contractor who not only offers them a good price, but also professionalism, customer service, and quality.

2. Continuing Education: Today, paving contractors have the opportunity to stay up to date with the help of certification programs. “It’s something a contractor can promote, and sometimes it’s required as a qualification for bidding a job. Some big-box retailers require it in project specifications, even when the certification is not directly relevant to the job, because it indicates that crews will have a level of training and trainability that they want,” said John Nehasil, ACI’s managing director of certification and chapters.

3. Communication: Now, paving contractors can connect their offices to jobsites in real time, allowing for the rapid flow of information to help increase productivity, improves the bottom line, and ultimately produces higher quality work.

4. Design Technology: Paving contractors can now mock up 3-D designs before ever starting a job.

5. Green Construction: Many contractors, like Reliable Contracting, have adopted green construction practices. At Reliable we use of recycled materials such as glassphalt paving mixes or recycling asphalt and concrete for base materials, can reduce your costs while reducing the impact on the environment. We also can now offer you warm-mix asphalt, a product that will reduce our energy usage and increase the workability of the mix while still meeting rigorous industry criteria for installation and durability.

6. And much more!

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Reliable Contracting Company is a full-service commercial and residential paving contractor, offering the production and installation of hot and cold-mix asphalt, asphalt patching, milling, seal coating and crack filling.

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Source: 5 Big Ideas- What is changing today’s concrete industry?

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