FAQs about Storm Water Management & the Construction Industry

What is Storm Water?

Storm water refers to water from a number of different sources, including rain, melted snow, and any other form of precipitation that comes into direct contact with the ground.

What is Storm Water Management?

Storm water management includes all functions associated with planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, financing and regulating the facilities that collect, store, control and convey storm water.

Why is Storm Water Management Important?

Because water cannot naturally reach the soil through many of the manmade structures we have erected, including roads and buildings, the storm water is forced to flow through manmade drainage systems, picking up toxic debris and other pollutants in the process.

What are Storm Chambers?

Storm chambers are manmade storm water management systems designed to do the following:

  1. Retention: Storm chambers allow construction sites to hold storm water to for proper disposal.
  2. Detention: Detention refers to temporary retention. In this instance, storm water is held temporarily to allow construction personnel to slowly spread it to other places and prevent flooding.
  3. Conveyance: Storm chambers can be used to transfer storm water from a construction site to a more appropriate area.
  4. Recharge: Recharge is an important part of the storm water management process, in which water from the surface works its way into the subsurface, replenishing groundwater supplies.
  5. Reuse: Storm water management system allow storm water to be recycled and reused in efficient ways.


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